Replace multiple missing teeth with this custom-made removable device.

If you’ve lost teeth from tooth decay, periodontal disease, injury, or any other reason, dentures are your tooth replacement solution. Dentures are a dental device that are removable and custom-made so that you can replace all of your missing teeth and surrounding tissues.

There are currently three types of dentures available: full dentures, partial dentures, and removable over-dentures. Full dentures are often recommended if you’ve lost all your teeth and partial dentures are a great option if some of your natural teeth still remain. Meanwhile, implant-supported, removable over-dentures are a great option if you don’t have any teeth left in your jaw but have enough jaw bone to support dental implants. The best way to determine which type of denture is right for your specific needs is to schedule a consultation with your dentist.

Replacing your missing teeth with dentures can bring you a wide range of benefits. Not only do they allow you to eat and drink as if you never lost any teeth, but dentures also enable you to speak naturally and protect you against facial sagging. Furthermore, if you follow proper denture maintenance and maintain regular dental appointments, your dentures can comfortably, healthily, and effectively restore your smile for life.

Dentures at Cooper City Family Dentistry

Say goodbye to an incomplete smile and hello to the ultimate missing teeth solution with dentures at Cooper City Family Dentistry. Contact our experienced dental team for more information about dentures or to request a consultation today. Your smile begins here!

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